Develop and Strengthen your Baseball Hitting Skills

Baseball hitting is a skill that at times can frustrate the best of us. Develop proper mechanics and a sound baseball swing so you can learn to hit like a pro.

Learn how to be a better hitter by

- using proper swing mechanics

- using simple practice techniques away from the field to set yourself above the competition

- taking advantage of a batting tee and other free baseball drills

- preparing yourself with great practice plans

- using training equipment and hitting aides

For most hitters, we had learned bat baseball swing habits from the time we started playing. Aluminum bats allow long looping swings where it is hard to make consistent contact with the ball.

As a youth baseball player I had a thirst for knowledge and was looking to gain an edge on the competition. I went on a quest to become a better hitter and became almost obsessed with it. From looking at film, listening to hitting coaches, and reading all the information I could find, I gained all the information I needed to become a better hitter.

If you have an interest in developing yourself to beyond a casual player, allow yourself the time to learn proper hitting technique. There is no use continuing bad habits just because you don't want to relearn your hitting mechanics from scratch.

You are better off spending the time to do things properly now, than continuing habits that won't allow you to ever get better as a hitter.

Once you become more sound with your baseball mechanics, your practicing habits will become better. Batting Tee and other drills will solidify your skills. Soon you will be hitting the ball farther with what feels like much less physical effort.

Changing to proper baseball hitting mechanics may feel unnatural at first. Allow yourself time to adapt and play the game properly and your patience and hard work will pay off. You will soon be batting well above your competition.