Indoor Baseball Drills


Baseball Hitting Drills

Practicing Indoor Baseball Drills requires a different approach then regular outdoor practice. It is not a full speed practice and unless you have access to indoor batting cages you won't be hitting balls.

By practicing in your own home or other indoor facilities, you are taking advantage of time when your competition is most likely busy doing other things. With baseball practice indoors, this is where enthusiastic players like you develop beyond the rest.

Indoor baseball practice is about slowing things down and focusing on the finer mechanics or your baseball swing. Indoor baseball practice ideas focus on the acquiring the finer techniques of the game. Although this is the case, it is still important not to take this close awareness of the finer mechanics of your swing into game competition. This would become counterproductive. In game batting is about focusing on situational hitting and making good contact with the ball.

Indoor Baseball Drills Mirror exercise

Start this indoor practice in front of a mirror while it is facing you. Choke up on a bat if you are short on room or simply don't use one at all. Now go through your swing at about 50% speed. Bring your weight back, take your stride, bring to a centre point and then rotate your body, back knee, hips and then torso and finally bring your hands into and through the hitting zone.

Doing this in front of a mirror allows you to visually see yourself the same way a player would analyze himself on film. Take note of anything that looks mechanically wrong. If your swing has any unnecessary hitches or extra movement, quiet this down and make the appropriate corrections. It is surprising how simply becoming aware and bringing attention to something that doesn't look right, will allow you to fix it.

Stride and Weight transfer

While in front of your mirror, rock your weight back to begin your swing, then take your front food stride and then explode your weigh back forward until it is 50% on each foot. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the timing mechanisms in your swing. After practicing this awhile, you will become comfortable with the motions starting your swing. When facing a pitcher at game speed, you will allow yourself to be right on top of pitches and be able to make solid contact.

Even in professional baseball you will hear of guys not starting early enough. They will put themselves in a bad hitting position because their front foot wasn't down on time. It does wonders for your batting just having excellent timing and being in a good position to hit. Take advantage of this simple Indoor Baseball Drill that can help your batting skills.

Rotation Drill

Begin this Indoor baseball drill in front of your mirror in a hitting position where you have already stridden but your weight transfer hasn't come forward yet. Now in one motion bring your weight forward in your swing and rotate your back knee, hips and torso . Take a look at your hips and see if they are pointing past your front foot. They should be facing 2nd base as a lefty hitter or shortstop as a righty.

If you find you are cutting your rotation off adjust your front foot slightly. You can open your front foot up, or even move it backwards an inch or two. You're going to end up cutting your swing power if you are not able to rotate your body freely.

Hand path drill

For this Indoor baseball drill, focus your attention on the part of your swing where your hands come through the hitting zone. Do this with or without a bat if you don't have room. As your hands come from behind your shoulder bring them straight across your chest. They should be nowhere near your belly button.

As your hands come forward you will create a lot of torque in the bat with the rotation of your body along with the pushing/pulling of each hand, the front one will be facing down while the top one facing up. Keep in mind that your top hand will always be above your lower hand in the swing. Also, do not rotate your wrists. This is a hitting myth and will destroy all the power from your swing.


Baseball Hitting Drills